Sudoku Helper

This website will help you to understand and solve sudokus. In the game page you will be able to enter the sudoku as far as you know it. Select a cell with the mouse button and then click on the number to enter it for that cell.

All current options for a cell can be viewed by selecting 'show/hide available options.'.

The right can hold notes on removed options, you can learn from the reasoning behind it.

Under de board you can enable/disable specific algortihms and see the effect on the options/possibilities.

The possibilities on the left are are deducted from the available options, you can click on them to select the possibility. Clicking on all de possibities will resolve the sudoku if possible.

This is just spare time project so realy difficult sudokus might not be solveable as not all possible algorithms are implemented other sudoku solvers might be of more use.

A sudoku game wil be saved for 24 hours after the last action. You can continue a game by saving the url.

Click here to start a new game.

Or start a predefined example game.